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   Three Functions Natural Micro Alkalinities Small Molecular Activated Drinking Water System



Five Characteristics¡G

1. Include plentiful mineral substance and


2. Top 1 Level effect on Negative Ion

    raise by Heat.

3. Has Small Water Molecule to easier

    assimilate and improve metabolism or

    activate cell.

4. Natural alkaliscence, PH value of under

    water normal temperature is 8.4 and

    Hot water is 9.4 and Ice water is9.5.

5. Unique of two water outlets which are

    general water and calcium water. That

    is big gaps for HighTechnologies also

    grate for woman and old people.




Three Functions Natural Micro Alkalinities Small molecular activated drinking water System


International Patent


Not Waste Water




10 Healthy requirements:

  1. Combine human body by reduce acid and eliminate

      hazardous waste.

  2. Balance PH value in Human body

  3. Offer higher oxygen by small molecule water

  4. Function to avoid oxidize and increase immunity

  5. After exercise to drink small molecule water would

      be faster to absorb and easily to tiredness away

  6. Include mineral substance of calcium, magnesium

      ¡Ketc by Human needed.

  7. Could melt slight tannic acid by caffeine from tea

      and coffee.

  8. Water quality has sweet taste can also make fruit

      and vegetable juice.

  9. Powerful infiltrations by keep fresh when used on

      vegetable, fruit and meat.

10. Improving microelement and preventing diseases.





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