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Shower Filter Q & A


1. What is the weight of a shower filter?

A: Approximately 246 g.

2. What kind of environmental protection does the shower filter have?

A: Especially the PC material can be recycled for other use. By using living mineral would

     help to improve water quality locate in fish bowl. Also KDF may put on a flower pot; it

     can protect soil to non-essential by microorganism. Due to the fact that Calcium sulfite

     is not easy to dissolve in water, it helps to protect the water quality by colors. The

     activated carbon also may put in soil for unusual smell and impurity soil adsorption, that

     would be easily to let the plant to adsorb on clean water and result on the good


3. What is difference between similar products in the product market?    

A: This type of shower filter is emphasized on its outward appearance distinguished by the

     transparent PC material quality which makes the product differentiates from the general

     market. This transparent outward appearance can enable customers to have a better

     understanding of the shower filter in terms of the product quality or the capacity of the

     shower filter.

4. Compare with other products, why this shower filter is more expensive? 

A: Because we used high quality materials. Also the use of transparent outward appearance

     to let consumers to see our inner filter¡¦s materials, it is not able to cheat on labors or

     quality. The common product all is blind material in filters. Therefore, that is why our

     product is more expensive.     

5. Use Shower filter can replace for the drinking water? 

A: This bath filter that effect is not yet to achieve on fresh drink, but water already to

     eliminate heavy metal, chlorine and impurities. Therefore heats up in the process boils

     also can drink.           

6. Can you tell us your product main characteristic?

A:  Characteristic:

  • Outlook is dexterous, carries conveniently; install simply, general world types of filter nozzle.

  • Four material qualities and five layer of filter pad, unique spiral design for water filter.

  • Abandons of type, did not pollute

  • Has the international patent.    

Product Utility

  • Small molecule water fast to fit in lower fat layer, help on discharge waste and make skin naturally shine.    
  • Water effectively filters on carcinogen, Stop bad material to injury human body. 
  • Produces anions from water, promote metabolism, reduce the tired, strengthen physical power, maintain the health. 
  • Reduce calcium, magnesium and ion from water, develop on small molecule water allow the skin care products easily to absorbed and played on greatest efficiency.
  • Strong to removes chlorine from the water effect by colorful and odor.          

   7. What is KDF?

A: KDF is a high purity, smaller-granular copper and zinc alloy, Can ride of heavy metal

     and non-organic substance to control fungi and algae efficiently. 

 8. What is transparent outer shell?

A: The outer cover use by the high level of PC quality, the design not only in high

     transparent also in high pressure besides can use on bears the water temperature in as

     high as 80 degree. PC does not have the hygroscopic, also size is good stability therefore

     does not have after sale that material to result situation on protection discard for harmful


     In other market conditions sells the shower filter outer cover all is not use by PVC

     perhaps PVC quality manufacture, PVC and PVC material quality has the difference,

     PVC material quality after meets the heat is occur poisons.                

 9. After install the shower filter, will current water quality change on?

A: Yes, should be influence waters capacity, but only influence on few.       

 10. Does that hot water will be break out the shower filter?

A: No, the shower filter that outer cover is use by ABS material so that have not water

     temperature¡¦s limit.  

 11. Inside the shower filter what is ¡§small molecule living mineral¡¨? 

A: This material got Germany patented, which can generate macromolecule activated water 

     to extra protect skin moisture and advance the absorbability for skin care product and

     reach negative PH value. This material is invented by Mr. Hiung Chi Lee. He used

     special mineral through kiln, catalysis and grinding such procedures (no reasonable

     effort demonstration at protecting research confidential information), which allow said

     Small molecule living mineral to efficiently and actively emit radial wave with resonant

     frequency (measured by ITRI with thermocouple instrument) to vibrate water molecule

     and form micro- molecules in 10 times negative power of 12 per unit, that makes the

     water molecule to be worth its name by forming single bubble after resonating the water

     nucleus containing 16 to 20 micro bubbles. In addition, the water will generate become

     a negative ion.        

12. What is ¡§calcium sulfite¡¨? Is it the same as ¡§small molecule living mineral¡¨?

A: NO, they are different. Calcium Sulfite mainly uses chemical reaction to get rid of

    chlorine component contained in water. Most similar products on market claim may have

    calcium sulfite as well, because products produce on different area would be influence

    qualities are differently. Our Calcium sulfite contained in this kind of product is made in

    Japan, which has extremely high purity and we have the authorization by Japan factory

    representing 100% quality assurance.

13. Your Activated Carbon is it same with on markets Activated Carbon?

A: Our product is present universally accepted, which is this product uses high precise

     activated carbon by the rank extremely high Sri Lanka palm coconut shell makes not

     only function at ability good besides not common make from general Taiwan voluntarily

     burns bamboo carbon, therefore, this product activated carbon is stability extreme good,

     and cannot because of adsorb produces is more than the matter  

14. Does four kind of materials, can¡¦t miss out one of them? 

A: No at all to means indispensable, but it is can regard in different country; the different

     water quality can make adjustment on filters materials.         

15. How to install shower filter?

A: Shower filter have two types install function. First, it can install in bath tap. This install

     function would be suggested when used at home. Others, is can install in shower nozzle,

     this should be suggested on trips time. But, Attention! Now, have one kind of tap style

     that can sitting out the warm faucet, this kind of shower filter suggest install on shower

     nozzle should be use tape to advance stopping the hosepipes and  winding on seven

     circles first after connect to put on the shower filter, will be not able to leak.      

16. Use the shower filter what will be worry on?

A: Attention! Surely this product not able to fall and close to fire hazard, PC material can

     resistance on pressure, bear the high water temperature, but does not bear falls and does not

     protect from fire. When installments please do not revolve excessively tightly, can be

     attachment to appear the fissure. 


17. If shower filter expired haven¡¦t change yet is it still has efficiency?

A: Certainly, that would become worth. When water has filtered out the heavy metal, the

     impurity can adsorbs material in shower filter excessively for too long, which material would

     be unable to display them to complement.         


18. Is it good for baby?

A: Yes, helps baby to take result on best baby¡¦s skin. Baby¡¦s skin is unusual delicateness, the

     common tap water includes the chlorine will be to hear or injury on babies skin.         


19. If bring shower filter to oversea still can use?

A: Of course you can use it in overseas. This shower filters design especially on show consumer

     knows don¡¦t matter arrived any where; it is able to installs and also we are present a small

     shower head to convenience for consumer to use good water quality in every where.    


20. Is it shower filter can use in different situation? (Like Hospital or SPA?)

A: Of course, on condition that as water place, all can used shower filter. Like SPA Center,

     Swimming Pool, Hair Salon, Hotel, and Aquarium and so on         


21. What is shower filters advantage?


  • The small molecular water rapid on the skin to help raid junk causes naturally sending out light of skin.

  •  Effective infiltration water¡¦s carcinogen; can stopping human body to injury.

  • Water result anion should be advance metabolism, reduction in tired, enhancement physical strength and maintenance health.

  • Reduces water calcium, the magnesium ion density becomes the small molecular water, enables to skin care product to easy absorb to bring most younger compiles.

  • The force removes in the water chlorine to achieve colorless, tasteless and deodorizes by clean water to use.                  

22. How long for that used life?

A: The usually a shower filters life is 4~6 months but should be depends on families water value

     and water qualities good or bad. Also depended on how much population to make decides.

     According to tap water quality¡¦s standard rule, in the running water the effective chlorine

     (only limits adds of water supply system that chlorine disinfection) is 0.2/0.1 (the Unit:



23. Can be reused?

A: No, it is not. When the shower filter expired; it is already got bacterium therefore we did not

     suggest return to sufficient, also our filter shape is make for whole set therefore can¡¦t open



24. Except on take shower also has other efficiency?

A: If taken a shower with beside, also can use to wash clothes, wash the vegetable and feed fish

     and so on.  


25. How did you known when the shower filter should be replacement?

A:  This major characteristic show you on outer cover, from the outer cover advantage besides

     may see inners material, what is most convenient to consumer, when you see inner of KDF

     form gold copper change to blackish green, that means shower filter should be replaced.  


26. Is there have test reports on the correlation?

A: Yes, shower filter pass by domestic most powerful examination unit-SGS tested,  That

     content of chlorine heavy metal in its water is well below the standard content of running



27. Whether has obtains Domestic or International patent?

A:  At present the shower filter¡¦s inner material ¡§small molecule living mineral¡¨ develop and

     invest by our self. At present has obtained German and Taiwan¡¦s patent. Also in mainland

     China patent already applied but should be estimate might attain the certificate patent in

     August. Shower filter applied for Taiwan patent, also has applies  in the multi-countries

     patent like in Japan, England, USA, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and so on all already on

     waiting application.         


28. Is Shower filter recyclable?

A: Yes, shower filter materials for outer cover to internal installation all are recyclable;

     Consumers may feel relieved not to create the environment by pollution.


29. Chlorine to harm human body?

A: Generally, chlorine is used by running water to disinfect the sterilization also chlorine can

     reduce running water in transportation process to opportunity bacterium to pollute.     


When contact or drinks for a long time with out chlorine the water quality, in chlorine¡¦s mineral would be stay and bring the injury to the body. From the tested, after advance chlorine into the water, between chlorine and water all organisms will bring thrihalomethane should be occur cancer. To results human body to have liver cancer, intestines cancer and bladder cancer, heart disease, arteriosclerosis, anemia, hypertension and allergy, serious harm health.          

From the poisonous substance administrative Taiwanese Hospital Dr. Lin point out ¡§Trihalomethanes¡¨is a carcinogen, drinks for a long time in chlorine with out water, obtains the urinary bladder caner that probability is average person¡¦s three times; obtains the congenital heart disease barrenness probability including the children¡¦s also quite to be even high.       

According to American of South California (ANAHEIM) the city convenes the chemistry association conference to point out that, a long time used hot water bath of the health is one kind of injury. When used in bathes the body direct exposure in the virulent chemical substance ( chlorine) center, the virulent chemical substance evaporates form the water and directly absorbs by the skin When takes a bath the inspiration chlorine reaches as high as 6 to 100 times, its content drinks into the human body to be much more than.  


30. Chlorine to injury in skin?

A: Every one hoped has the health skin and black hair to constitutes the hair and skin for the

     protein, originally from the water to put in Chlorine the disinfection is the matter which the

     numerous people all knows, In the water chlorine can be destroy the protein causes the hair

     and the skin suffers injury has the pathological change, causes the enormous the dangers

     therefore, understood bathes as well as shower with hair and with skin¡¦s relations is the

     extremely important mater, the hair and skin if injury should be very difficult to recover.


     In the running water contains the chlorine is uses for to sterilize, according to the international

     standard for Family¡¦s running water, the chlorine remnant allowance should be 0.1ppm, but

     its residual chlorine density as a result of the water source pollution relations equally

     approximately increases about 10 times, recently because must deal with in intestinal

     bacteria 0-157 the reason to create the present density to have more increase the situation,

     although the residual chlorine in the hygienic function is necessary, but actually was the hair

     and skin-enemy.     


31. After the typhoon crosses in that running water by chlorine can be heavier?    

A: YES, because the tap water source area and under water area after the typhoon should be 

     increase the turbidity and water the microorganism number, the water company should be

     faster to achieve the disinfection the goal meets the potent drug to process.   

32. Normally did tap water process by heat; does it completely to de-chlorinate?

A: Maybe not, when running water process to heats up and to eliminate chlorinates should be

     some have cells surviving stay in. Only when continues to boil over 15 minutes and wait that

     chlorinate to move out over four hours, or used by perhaps causes the apparatus activated

     carbon filter element the water filters.           


33. Why used the Oceanic light shower filter can able to have skin¡¦s beauty function?   

A: From products, a part of them material quality is called small molecule living mineral can let

     small molecule change slightly and easier let the body to absorb, also the water surface

     tension should be reduce and infiltrates should be to increase, therefore the skin may maintain

     the elasticity and preserve moisture, after when you used the shower filter, skin should be

     change like water of tender, not the universe is or astringent or too dry.  


34. What is crisis of water tank latent in house?

A: The general house water used to besides receive on delivery pipe iron to raise the gasses,

    also has another source of pollution, and stores the water tank. In general to cleans out house

    water tank periods on quit a long time, when water tank been to clean, water tank is easy to

    stir up trouble some microbiology fungi perhaps on accumulation the heavy metal which

    precipitates from the water, uses such water to take a bath, certainly is easy to got diseases,

    therefore the live house water tank certainly must make fixed time to clean, against matches

    to Oceanic light shower filter to make finally procedure, so water can truly clean on our



35. Shower filter is possibility for the skin disease or sick skin¡¦s person to recover?

A: it can be improvement, our company entrust microorganism immunology Dr. SYU auspicious

     in view of the patient who has the skin disease to do the clinical experiment, already had the

     improvement the case appearance, at preset still to continue in the experiment.


36. How long to take on their change?      

A: That feels depends on the person to personal, some of people got sensitive skin when first

     time to used would be got strange feeling, but some of people need after 3 times to able to

     have that feeling on skin to change ¡§smooth¡¨.


37. Where can I buy this product?

A: In each area parts of Taiwan. We have sales agent, you can go each areas to purchase, if

     has not clear place all to be allowed to access the inquiry. Or go on web-side to ask. Also in

     end of 2006, should be sells on every where¡¦s department store or large market store. 


38. If in overseas still can purchase this product?  

A: International market has been start to develop, later on will be allowed to any country, like

    Australia, India, Philippines, Bangladesh, Thailand and mainland¡K¡Kso on.


39. If got the baldheaded person to use shower filter is it able to help?         

A: Certainly, after use the shower filter can be help because health hair should be have health

     hair-follicle, also our small molecule living mineral may divide the small molecule to promote

     the hair-follicle is good helpful.        


40. Why has used after one or two months, felt the water capacity change to slightly?

A: that is because in the first level of the cotton to separated the big impurity and kapok to filter,

     thereupon all piles up in water inlet there, certainly has long has been able to create the water

    to change slightly. This time as long as shower filter will tear off, from other side will flush the

    water against shower filter will sway several might the impurity which blocked these flush



41. Did Company¡¦s shower filter got insurance?

A: Certainly, Our Company wants to protect consumer¡¦s rights and interests, our company

     have insurance 10 Million dollars by Fun Bone bank.        


42. Shower filter except on tap faucet and shower nozzle and what another area can be

      installed in?

A: Shower filter not only for taken on shower also can used on wash by vegetable, clothes ,face

     and teeth as well¡Kso on. Therefore, shower filter initial design is uses by tap faucet and

     shower head. If you want used by wash vegetable, wash face or teeth suggesting is to buy

     our specially design products used in Kitchens and Bathrooms called ¡§City of water Kitchen

     Faucets¡¨ or ¡§City of water Bathroom Faucets¡¨.            


43. How to tests the difference between running water and shower filter¡¦s water.

A: Except that not only test for the pharmaceutical to examine with ¡§Chlorine¡¨ also can test with

     our body to make evident. To separately left hand on water for shower device filter and right

     hand in running water both stay into the water until five minutes, should be occur difference to

     between two of them. Result on running water is probably to wrinkle leather phenomena,

     which is because hands absorb the chlorine in water will be and other hands in shower device

     filter that side there is no such a situation to happen.


44. What is the installment had to precaution?

A: Some of place there tap water and bath is very close to each other, so cannot direct able to

     install. When that kind of situation happened you can goes to electric shop store to buy 90

     degree¡¦s bends or 75 degree¡¦s bends to perhaps on shower nozzle to install on top water or

     directly to connecting with pip should be fine of them to used.         


45. What is meaning ¡§spiral type¡¦s outlet¡¨?

A: Other shower filter designs by direct outlet flow, this types of out flow is not able to cleaner

     out impurity used by compare with our product designs. ¡§Spiral Outlet Flow¡¨ should be able

     to cleaner out impurity to rid traditional direct flow designs, let advance while passing every

     floor to strain material can be fully worthy. only straining the spiral position of material to

     contact, turn into and strain material rate of utilization should be reduce life span of the whole

     is reduced short.


46. Why the inner of material not full in the container? 

A: That is because want to let the water flow out smoothly, if all material is too fully should be

     creating the water to change slightly also it is unable to let filter to compiles.   


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